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09 May 2010
2nd Rountable of Stakeholders on the Reform of the CAP
Following the success of the previous event and the specific questions put forward by the agri-foodstakeholders, OPERA Research Centre, through its Brussels office, has the pleasure to announce the organisation of the Second Roundtable of Stakeholders on the Reform of the CAP.
14 April 2010
EU agricultural production and trade: Can more production efficiency prevent increasing 'land-grabbing' outside of Europe
Prof. Harald von Witzke - Humboldt University Berlin
The study represents the most comprehensive analyses of agricultural trade with Europe and its impact on land use decisions outside the EU. A high-level panel discussion took place after the presentation of the study.
12 April 2010
Aspects of the UK “Consultation on the implementation of EU pesticides legislation”

OPERA experts comments and positive aspects of UK “consultation” documents for the transposition and the implementation of the Sustainable Use Directive.

15 February 2010
Selecting the right Risk Indicators to succesfully implement the Sustainable Use Directive. February 2010
In this paper OPERA encourage interaction and try to stimulate the debate on pesticide risk indicators.
11 January 2010
Comments to the NGO proposal for the architecture of the new CAP: proposal for a new EU Common Agricultural Policy
Five farming and environmental NGOs have come together with proposals to transform the CAP with the objective to help farmers improve on the sustainability of their activities and to reward those who deliver the environmental benefits.
10 November 2009
1st OPERA Scientific Expert meeting on Risk Indicators
Scientific Experts met first time for discussing their views on risk indicators and their implementation to comply with the Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides.
The objective of the workshop was to give indication to help Member States' implementation in their National Action Plans of the Chapter V article 15 of the Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides.
04 June 2009
The first meeting of the expert group on the Thematic Strategy on the sustainable use of pesticides
BRUSSELS - All the EU stakeholders met in Brussels first time for discussing first views of the directive implementation.


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