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Opera Education and Training

a new spin-off

08 August - 30 November 1999
OPERA Events

Based on the experience gained through the research centre OPERA in the training field, the analysis of training needs and cognitive shortcomings in terms of sustainable approach, a spin off namely OPERA Educational and Training is recently founded (July 2016) to develop, organise, promote, training activities aimed at:

  • making the best scientific capabilities available in the risk assessment process to better define the problems at the formulation stage and the type of information risk assessor has to provide, to better inform risk manager in addressing different societal needs
  • train the trainers in the framework of the Sustainable Use Directive requirements
  • to contribute actively, to support, to consult all categories of interested stakeholders with the aim to provide bridging solutions between agricultural, health and environmental concerns and participate actively in the process of transforming the most recent scientific knowledge related to sustainability in real projects.
  • provide technical specifications for calculating sustainability performance updates according to European and International legislation.

The commitment of OPERA Educational and Training is to follow the four main "lines" set out in Chapter 36 of Agenda 21 and that the education system must follow in order to effectively contribute to a sustainable future, namely:

➢ improve access to quality basic education;

➢ reorienting environmental education towards sustainable development;

➢ develop awareness and knowledge to increase the participation of the population;

➢ promoting education so that all sectors of the workforce have the knowledge and the skills needed to do their jobs in accordance with sustainability standards.

The strategies proposed to achieve the objectives are several in function of the target but have in common the purpose of to:

Inform, by sharing expertise

Coach, giving norms and standards to properly apply the skills acquired

Educate to the concepts of complexity, awareness, social responsibility, critical thinking ....

To achieve the objectives in addition to teaching methods "classic" will be used targeted teaching techniques to stimulate autonomy, growth, personal development, and in particular:

- Experiential learning even in different contexts of the classroom

- The application of problem-solving techniques

- Sharing experiences

Opera Educational and Training is based in Piacenza and Brussels with the direction of Dr. Maura Calliera, from 12 year contract researcher for the Catholic University.


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