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founded by the strategic vision of the Province of Piacenza and coordinated in partnership with the Research Centre for Sustainable Development OPERA- Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore of Piacenza, ­is a synergetic initiative aimed at developing a sustainable and healthy food production network based on public participation. It is a network that promotes increased awareness among all actors in the food and agriculture production chain towards sustainable territorial production and consumption. In addition, it: contributes to the creation of an active network of actors (organizations, research centers, enterprises and consumers) who value a territory’s products and nourishes relations that lead to increased consumer trust in the production chain; develops synergies to communicate the health benefits, quality and sustainability of food and agricultural products; implements concrete models that favor sustainable territorial development through initiatives that inform, educate/train, communicate and perform action-research.

Today, the Piacecibosano network is made up of 35 public and private actors representing the sustainable food and agriculture production chain in a given territory. A chain that begins with scientific research and develops through the entire food chain from the production stage to the transformation, distribution, commercialization, organized purchasing, retail and consumption stages. Health, development, but above all sustainability are the key words of this work. Regardless of the reasons behind choosing a sustainable approach, every step taken in this direction is beneficial for both enterprise and society as a whole. Sustainability thus becomes a factor in competitiveness and development if it is generated by an interconnection between communication, participation, but also a connection with a territory and its culture; these are the basic elements upon which innovation, understood as the continuous renewal of knowledge and existing technologies, is constructed.
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Piacecibosano focuses primarily on communication and education in the context of food and agriculture. This is done by organizing events such as the “CAFFEEXPO” ( informal conversations on sustainability, which facilitate, for example, the communication of
EXPO themes to consumers and citizens of different territories to increase awareness on sustainable production and consumption. The network also focuses on food education by initiating innovative participatory experiences that are shared and planned together with secondary schools and shed a light on the quality of school lunches in primary schools by valuing the identity of food and its production process.

Beekeepers and associations of beekeepers are just one example of the actors participating in the Piacecibosano network and communicating the nutritional, social and environmental benefits of sustainable honey production. Blueberries, blackberries and mushrooms from the mountainous Apennine region – including val Nure, val Trebbia and Val Tidone – are just some examples of sustainable “Piacecibosano” products supported by the network.

The coordinators of the network are Dr. Miriam Bisagni, sociologist and president of the Piacecibosano Association, and Professor Ettore Capri, Environmental and Plant Chemistry Professor at Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore of Piacenza, (UCSC) and Director of the OPERA Research Centre (

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