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Prof Capri Ettore

Prof. Capri EttoreCoordinator

Ettore Capri, PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Ecology at Milan University (1992), from the same year scientist in Environmental and Agricultural Chemistry at the Catholic University, became Professor in Agricultural Chemistry in 2002. Today the main 3 courses he teaches are Ecotoxicology, Ecology, and Contaminant, Residues & Additives in food.

His research work concerns the ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry of pesticide, nutrient, heavy metals and trace elements. He is a member of the working group - COST action 66 (“Fate of Pesticides in the Environment”) where he participated in the standardisation of methodologies used in the laboratory to assess the degradation of pesticides, the volatilisation, and the use of models predicting the environmental fate of pesticides. Since 1996, Capri has been the national scientific coordinator of EU project “The assessment of operator, bystander and environmental exposure to pesticides” (SMT4-CT96-2048); he has become a member of the FOCUS working group of the DGVI-EU (Forum for the Coordination of the pesticide models and their Use), and a national member of the research unit CNR-GNDCI (“Assessment of groundwater vulnerability”) for the Civil Protection of the Italian Government. In 1999, Capri joined the European project “Supplying local authorities and farmers with an innovative tool to support sustainable agricultural production” (LIFE98 ENV/IT/000010).

He recently participated in the European projects of the V framework: "Effective approaches for assessing the predicted environmental concentrations of pesticides" (APECOP - QLK4199901238) pesticides in European Groundwaters: study of representative Aquifers leading to Simulation of possible Evolution (PEGASE - EVK1-CT-1999-00028). In 2001, Capri was assigned coordinator for the Marie Curie Training Site PEACE “Predicting Evironmental Concentrations of pesticide in European and site specific scenario” (QLK5-CT-2001-60014). At the same year he became the national representative for the COST action 631 (Understanding and modelling plant-soil interactions in the Rhizosphere environment) and 629 (Assessment of fate, impact and indicators of water pollution in natural porous media at different scales). He was scientific supervisor of the post-doctoral project “Use and development of pesticide indicator to reduce the environmental and consumer risk. Field test in wine and grape farms”(QLK5-CT-2002-51605), and “Environmental risk analysis leading to simulate a sustainable ecosystem management in rice area”(QLK5-CT-2002-51598).

In the VI framework  he is supervisor of the project on the use of novel techniques for integrating the measurement of the water bodies to pesticide (COMEHERE) and to assess the environmental impact of the organic viticuture (ORWINE), and partner of an Integrated Project on Integrated Risk Assessment  of polluttant  (2-FUN) and partner of the LIFE project Mitigation of agricultural nonpoint-source pollution and phytoremediation in artificial wetland ecosystems (ArtWET).
He is actually a national member of the Government Commission dealing with the authorisation of the biocides and member of the  PPR Panel of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

He has published about 130 scientific papers & communications, and edited 4 national books and 5 international monographies.


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