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Dr Calliera Maura

Dr. Calliera MauraScientific Officer

During her first degree in Agricultural Sciences from Milano University, Maura received experience in research of fate and behaviour of pesticides in the environment.
She has worked in the ecotoxicology team of the Department of Environmental Science and Landscape, Università Milano Bicocca. Since 2005, she is contract researcher on human pesticide residues exposure and environmental risk assessment, for the Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore, Istituto di Chimica Agraria ed Ambientale (ICAA).

Her activity focussed on the application of mathematical models to forecast the environmental fate of pesticides  and the development of new time trend indicators to assess the human and environmental risks associated with the use of plant protection products.

Recently her research activity focused on the assessment of the impact of the Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides at Italian level and the evaluation of the level of implementation of different measures included in the existing national legislation for the determination of the overall risks that pesticides pose with regard to the use-phase in the life-cycle of pesticides and the development of Guidelines for Sustainable Use of Pesticide in a multi-stakeholder process. The project targets to develop instruments for the easy identification of the areas to reduce or mitigate risks and to provide the appropriate solutions at farm level. The guidelines developed are accompanied by a diagnosis software to identify bottlenecks in the whole lifecycle of pesticides at farm level.
She is also involved in the EU ERASMUS+ project SUPTraining for the Development of an e-learning platform for the sustainable use of pesticides
Recently she collaborated with Hydrotox GmbH for the redaction of a report commissioned by UBA on environmental risks from the use of biocides: Environmental sound use of disinfectants, masonry preservatives, and rodenticides

She is also involved in other projects

  • in the EU FP7 BROWSE project “Exposure models to assess the risks to operators, workers, residents and bystanders from exposure to plant protection products (PPPs). This project Involve all relevant stakeholders and end-users and take full account of relevant gender issues in the development of new and improved assessment methods and policy tools addressing exposure of operators, workers, residents and bystanders to PPPs.
  • in the EU FP7 HEROIC project that aims to establish and co-ordinate a global network of European and international experts and stakeholders from different disciplines to establish stronger interfaces between human and environmental Risk Assessment (RA), between RA and risk management and between the various agencies, and countries within the EU and between agencies and industry for better sharing of knowledge, building consensus and development of -clear, easily understood, transparent and unambiguous integrated RA procedures
  • in Piace Cibo Sano project. This provincial (Piacenza) level project aims to promote a new sustainable culture of the territory starting from the local agro-food chains. The objectives are to spread knowledge and promote dialogue among citizens, in particular with respect to the following issues: science and technology for food quality and safety, science and technology for agriculture, innovation in agriculture, food education, food and lifestyle, food and culture, food and cooperation and to promote products and actors of the territory, including local firms and academics.
  • in a TransNational Cooperation project (TNC) together with representatives of France, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria in the framework of LEADER axis for the creation of a network of Emblematic Mediterranean Mountains.


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