Partners: Horta srl

Hort@ is a spin-off of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, born in 2008 and providing highly-specialised services, on a national and international level, in the field of crop production. The aim is to increase the competitiveness of agricultural and agroalimentary companies. Hort@ is a permanent platform for enhancing results from research in the agroalimentary sector through:

–   The development of decision support systems (DSSs) for sustainable crop management based on new Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs)

– The transfer of technological innovation to production areas at a national and international level, in the sectors of intensive and extensive farming, agroenergetic production, quality brands, agroalimentary supply chains, with particular reference to productivity, environmental sustainability and food safety.

– The design, development and creation of new production itineraries and new products/technical means to put on the market.

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