Staff: Alexandru Marchis

Political Advisors

His academic background is in agricultural economics, graduating as valedictorian the courses of the Faculty of Economics within “Babes-Bolyai” University in Cluj Napoca, Romania. He also holds two post university degrees. The first one in agro-business, granted by the same university and the second one in diplomatic international relations granted by the Romanian Diplomatic Academy. Coming with a experience of nine years in the administration of the agricultural sector, Mr. Marchis has decided to put his knowledge to work in order to promote and develop the OPERA think-tank on the Common Agricultural Policy. The economic background and his experience in the policy related issues on agriculture allow him to manage this process in a constructive way, gathering together relevant stakeholders to debate on the future of the relevant policies for agriculture. He combines the experience of working in public administration and diplomacy with a rich background and extensive knowledge in agricultural policies to provide relevant pragmatic solutions and approaches in the sustainability of the agriculture and food systems.

Specialties: European policies, UN processes, public affairs, corporate affairs, outreach and advocacy strategies, consulting, negotiations, government liaison, policy evaluation and development