Water management – Bio purification systems

With the coming into force of the recently adopted European Directive 128/2009/EC on the sustainable use of pesticides it becomes a requirement for all the European Member States to find the solutions to protect surface and ground water as well as all sources of drinking water supplies. Solutions to mitigate and prevent unwanted levels of substances reaching water bodies in the most easy and cost effective way is a task to be undertaken by all public bodies, private industries and scientific researchers. Management of contaminated liquids (remnants or collected washings) is critical but to date in many countries the aspects of remnant management has not received the necessary attention and clear recommendations and/or codes of practice are missing.

OPERA published the paper” On Farm Water Management and How can it be achieved Through Bio Purification Systems” in order to offer practical information on how to implement at farm level a simple system for reducing this potential risk of point sources contamination from the in-site area where the PPPs are disposed and handled.

The advantages of bio-purification systems bring an important contribution to the implementation of on-farm water management. Some of them have the ability to treat a large volume of contaminated water and some are able to operate in fast cycles, where a big volume of water is filtered in short period of time. Their great advantage is that they are valid and accessible systems for the removal of residues from water.

The adoption of these simple and efficient systems, easily adaptable to different climatic conditions using materials available on the farm (organic materials), will help farmers to become more sustainable and competitive. Such innovative methods for farm water management should benefit from the proper training and support of the National Authorities as well as from the involvement of the equipment providers.

A series of supporting measures need to be put in place by National Authorities such as promoting Good Agricultural Practice in farm water management.

The performance of the bio-purification systems provides solutions to avoid unwanted risks of pesticide use but also comply with legislative requirements.


Bio purification systems-Why on-farm water management is important and how it can be achieved