The bold ambition of the project and the involvement of so many parties from across Europe has instigated a model of governance to guarantee the maximum effectiveness and efficiency, as well as to assure the transparency and independence of the group.

The structure includes a Scientific Committee set by the University and a Management Team. In addition, a systematic audit of the activities will be undertaken by the relevant bodies of the UCSC.

The Scientific Committee (SciCo) represents the group of high-level and reputed experts, who are responsible for providing guidance on the overall strategic direction. The SciCo role is to fix guidelines and objectives and allocation resources.

Expert Working Groups (EWGs) are set project by project and they will examine the latest state-of-the-art research and developments, as well as proposals for new and innovative ways to improve the future effectiveness of agriculture policies across the EU. Members of the EWGs are nationally and internationally recognized technical experts, policy makers and professionals from industry and NGOs in the field of agriculture, public health, economics and politics. They will use their individual knowledge and experience to provide technical expertise and strategic guidance to develop this important component of the OPERA activity. Furthermore, at the request of the EWGs, additional experts may be invited to provide specialist testimonies and to discuss specific issues.