On this page a selection of webinars, videos and interviews. The aim is to spread knowledge and promote dialogue between citizens, in particular with regard to the following topics: science and technology for the quality and safety of food, science and technology for agriculture, innovation in agriculture, food education, food and lifestyle, food and culture, food and cooperation


VIVA La sostenibilità nella Viticoltura

VIVA is the Italian program to manage, assess and certify the  performance of sustainability in vineyards and wine production developed since 2011 throughout a multi-stakeholder approach that included the farms and their association, research centres, ministries, and certification bodies.

RS 360°

Ristorazione Sostenibile is the regional voluntary certification program, suitable for any type of restaurant. We say sustainable at 360 ° because it considers environmental, economic and social aspects and offers a broad and holistic vision of sustainability

Eat at school: add a seat at the table

PiaceCiboSano and OPERA project for a sustainable food at school. Students identified some issues of their interest related to food, organised them into five thematic groups and started a discussion sharing knowledge and experiences

Deriva come contenerla

Il video della giornata dimostrativa sul contenimento della deriva del progetto Trainagro

XVI Symposium On Pesticide Chemistry

“Advances In Risk Assessment And Management”. Organized 03 September 2019 by the Department for Sustainable Food Process of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The novel topics related to recent advances in pesticide risk assessment, as well as risk mitigation measures, were covered.

Wine and Sustainability

The story of VIVA’s sustainable viticulture through the eyes of Emilio Suraci awarded at the MOST – Film & Wine Festival.

What do we need to know about GMO

From EXPO 2015 in the framework of the EU FP7 PreSto ERA net aimed to map out the steps needed to create and successfully implement an ERA-Net that will coordinate transnational research on the effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the areas of human and animal health, the environment, and techno- economics and societies

Media Interviews

Intervista prof Ettore Capri sulle emissioni della zootecnia

Filiera delle carni italiana: modello di basso impatto ambientale


La sostenibilità e la sicurezza alimentare della filiera carne

Dott. Giovanni Sorlini presenta il percorso intrapreso da Inalca – Gruppo Cremonini per la sostenibilità e la sicurezza della filiera carne.

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