Solutions For Sustainable Use of Resources in Agriculture

Provide pragmatic solutions and practical information on how to implement at farm level mitigation measures for reducing potential risk of pesticide sources

Development of new and innovative approaches trough out the collaboration with an extensive network of research centers, SME, authorities and Industry.

Participation into European research projects on specific innovative subject or for the development of tools delivered to the SMEs

Active participation and coordination of national project for the rural development and for setting operative groups of farmers, citizens, and professionals

Developing new quality standard for food allowing the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the benchmark set from the actual and future legislation.

Caffè scientifici to promote science and technology for food quality and safety and innovation, with informal conversations with citizens

Identify the so called training need. OPERA organize course on training and information for different stakeholders with new advanced e-learning and pedagogical technologies

Our aims is to facilitate the implementation of sustainability practices to improve the ``farmer image`` and restore public confidence in the farmer activities, the sensibility of farmers to social pressure and their investments and commitments to pro-environmental actions

Food Education Programs for primary and secondary school students for a participatory process involving classrooms into labs and students into “science” and sharing experience inside the teachers communities

Cooperation with NGOs to network stakeholders in no-profit initiatives in the themes of the sustainability, risk assessment and risk management, and social responsability

Informing the citizens with a transparent communication and for retuning them to official sources against speculative fakes

Start Up new profit initiatives such us academic and scientific spin-off to create opportunities to the students working on technological research in food, agricultural and environmental sciences

for further information on how the solution are delivered and the outputs obtained visit the sections Documents and Project