Staff: Maura Calliera

Senior Scientist

Involved in the development and planning of OPERA since its creation

During her first degree in Agricultural Sciences from Milano University, Maura received experience in research of fate and behaviour of pesticides in the environment. She has worked in the ecotoxicology team of the Department of Environmental Science and Landscape, Università Milano Bicocca. Since 2004, she is contract researcher on human pesticide residues exposure and environmental risk assessment, for the Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore, Istituto di Chimica Agraria ed Ambientale (ICAA).  Her activity focussed on the application of mathematical models to forecast the environmental fate of pesticides and the development of new time trend indicators to assess the human and environmental risks associated with the use of plant protection products. Recently her research activity focused on the assessment of the impact of the Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides in national and european projects. She lives in Ivrea (near Torino) 

Maura Calliera CV is downloadable here