Staff: Romano De Vivo

Food Advisor

Romano De Vivo is a dedicated and resourceful leader with global experience in sustainable development, integrating sustainability into corporate strategies, leveraging communication, mobilizing stakeholders, protecting reputation, and advocating pragmatic policy options and solutions. He builds strong network relationships with communities of colleagues, customers, investors, governments, international organizations, NGOs and the media. He is an engaging storyteller, experienced in providing communications and advocacy in a variety of cultural environments. Thanks to his multifaceted background, he anticipates risks and opportunities and effectively accompanies projects and teams through changes and challenges to ensure exceptional results.

Romano De Vivo holds a doctorate from the University of Salerno, an MBA from the STOA’ School of Management in Ercolano and an Executive Master of Public Policy from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. During his career, he has directed the departments of sustainability, public policy, administration, government relations and communication in leading multinational companies in the ingredients, agri-food and health sectors. He lives in Basel, Switzerland.